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About Me

I'm Abram J. Stamper, and welcome to my portfolio! I am currently a senior at Taylor University in Upland, IN pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science/Systems with the expected graduation date of May 2018. My area of concentration is software engineering and agile software development. However, I have a vested interest in dynamic web applications, business intelligence, computer security, and machine learning. As of the end of the semester, my cumulative GPA is a 3.8.

Before attending Taylor, I graduated from Kokomo High School located in my hometown of Kokomo, Indiana. I graduated with academic honors. On April 22, a day that will be engraved in my mind for the rest of my life, I was awarded The Wherrett Memorial Scholarship. Originally, I wasn't planning to attend a university, at least not right after high school. I had looked into Purdue University, but with little financial aid, it was cost prohibitive. However, as a result of winning the Wherrett, I was able to attend a private, Christian, liberal arts university with nearly all my expenses paid in full. Thus, a few days after winning the scholarship, I visited Taylor on a whim and fell in love with the computer science department. There are not many universities that focus so heavily on faculty-student relationships and small class sizes, which I cherish so heavily. By the grace of God, I am so blessed to be able to attend Taylor University. At Taylor, I have experienced exponential spiritual and personal growth.

Below is a sample of my previous jobs, projects, and leadership positions at Taylor. My interests are peaked by people, entrepreneurship, and technology. I have a strong affinity towards being a leader in technology. I'm currently evaluating life decisions as I determine my next step post-undergrad: my own startup, graduate school (MBA or JD), or a technology fellowship.

Past Experiences
  • AAA DJ Company

    I owned and operated a DJ business in my hometown of Kokomo, IN. I began doing it in fifth grade with minimal equipment and grew my business on the backs of local schools. Within a year, I had a full set of equipment and was able to expand to several organizations for their yearly events. However, I'm currently not accepting any new clients; I still provide DJ services to several of my existing clients whom I have yearly contracts with. After coming to Taylor University, I had to give a majority of my business up due time and travel constraints. http://aaadjco.com

  • AAA IT Company

    I owned and operated an IT business in my hometown of Kokomo, IN. I had a clientele of about 7-10 small businesses and numerous other residential clients. Whenever they had an issue, I was the guy they would call whether it's in regards to their server, networking, Windows crashes, purchasing new equipment, etc. From this experience, I learned about the importance of the relational aspect of running a business.

  • Fuzic Media

    Fuzic Media is a SaaS company in Indianapolis, IN that provides music and professionally-created advertisements to its clients for airplay in their businesses. I am working as a software engineering intern. I'm working on the product development team working in NodeJS, Amazon Web Services, and ReactJS. Within their sprints, I'm designing and developing, from scratch, the customer experience team's dashboard and internal webpages to monitor the system. Check them out! Fuzic Media.

  • Indiana All-Star Game Operations

    Each year I create and process the logos for advertisements, various graphics, and videos for the Indiana-Kentucky All Star game played at Bankers' Life Fieldhouse. I spend about a week in my office during the summer - 50 hours - creating and processing the content for the game. It's a very technical task as I interface with enormous files and collaborate with the technical staff at Bankers' Life. I generate the graphics and videos in a variety of formats for their numerous video screens - twelve in all. I also perform game operations during the game. I coordinate between the announcer, the audio guys, the lighting guys, the in-house video production crew, and the Jumbotron guy. In game entertainment and events all occur under my direction.

  • Indianapolis Colts

    I worked for the Colts stat crew as a paid intern. I tracked player participation and worked with computer software to perform the task along with nine other men and collaborated with the New York office. Because I am an intern, I had a multifaceted time learning and performing any of the jobs on the stat crew.

  • Kokomo High School Statistics

    During high school, I operated the computer tracking statistics for high school basketball, baseball, football, softball, and volleyball. I had point click, DOS, and touch (iPad) systems for the various sports. During my tenure, I created live statistics for football and basketball by a method of workarounds allowing the radio and TV stations to have real time statistics delivered via a computer monitor. Although the system was rigged together, it was robust and mobile using software called Maxi Vista and some coding into the statistics software. I also carried a wireless router to all of the games to broadcast a wireless signal for the live stats. It was an ingenious solution that I'm very proud of. While I have dropped recording stats for nearly all the sports, I still record statistics for boys' basketball in the winter.

  • Kokomo Jackrabbits Sound Technician & DJ

    In the inaugural season of the Jackrabbits (2015), I operated the sound system at Kokomo Municipal Stadium, and played music before, during, and after Kokomo Jackrabbits baseball games. Often times, games would have a theme associated to it, which I would craft a playlist of music associated with that theme. I also coordinated between the announcer and the game operations team for various on-field events.

  • Taylor Undergraduate Research Fellow

    In the summer of 2016, I worked to develop the foundation for Faraday: Learning Management 2.0 with another student and two supervising professors. We used the Agile software development methodology to develop the web application. Key goals were to bring learning management into modernity by applying much of the business intelligence concepts to classroom data and analytics. I worked to implement nearly the entire backend.

  • Teaching Assistant

    I have been a teaching assistant for several different courses at Taylor during my undergrad. I have TAed for Introduction to Systems (SYS101) and Data Structures and Algorithms (COS265). While being a TA, my duties have ranged from teaching classes, to grading code, papers, and homework, to organizing and administering tutoring sessions.

Community & School Activities
  • Student Senator

    The Student Senate serves as the primary representative for the student body of Taylor University. I served as the representative for Samuel Morris Hall. Student Senate works to bridge the gap between students and administration by discussing pertinent issues with students and faculty. I served a 1 year term my sophomore year as a senator before moving up to Treasurer in TSO.

  • Dances & Special Events Cabinet Member

    I served as a cabinet member on DSEC for my sophomore year before moving up to Treasurer in TSO. As a cabinet member, I worked to help plan and facilitate 4 on campus dances at Taylor. I handled most of the logistically problems during the events, and technical requirements for the events.

  • TSO Treasurer

    As the treasurer, I work to create and manage all the student government accounts. I meet with each cabinet president to help them budget and plan events. I also handle the global Taylor Student Organization budget (TSO). I also apply systems analyst style problem solving methods to help put systems in place for monitoring of income, expenses, and student-employment oversight.

  • TechPoint's XTern

    TechPoint, an initiative funded by the Lilly Endowment, has the XTern Program, which is billed as the ultimate tech internship. I spent the summer in Indy networking with professionals and fellow XTerns. I supported several hackathons and other civic engagement events. I also mentored to NextTech Catapults, who are HS students learning to program for the first time.

  • Check out my GitHub

    My GitHub page has several school projects and coding assignments in public repos.

Projects & Contributions
  • Stats App

    With my love for basketball as my driving passion, I have been designing the perfect statistics application for several years without any time to actually code it. I have begun working diligently to try to get a beta in time for this basketball season. I am implementing this as a web application with a similar tech stack to one that I developed with this summer to cut my learning curve. This is an ongoing 'hobby' project for me. GitHub Repo

  • Worship Together: ride sharing app

    Worship Together was a ruby on rails application that we developed together as a class for COS243: Multi-Tier Web Applications. It's a ride sharing application that would allow users to list what church and service they attend. They would, then, mark themselves as being able to transport people to that service, and how many seats in their vehicle they have available to transport. This is one of my first application in ruby on rails with TDD using rspec, and my first exposure to rails. GitHub Repo

  • Faraday: Learning Management 2.0

    Current and emerging learning management systems represent a considerable improvement on the paper grade book, but suffer from two key limitations. First, they provide little actionable information that can be employed directly to engage students, enhance learning outcomes, and simplify course management. Second, they emphasize massive scalability at the expense of personalized student-teacher engagement. With this project, we have begun to lay the foundation for a next-generation learning management system that will help improve teacher productivity and student outcomes. As a first step, we have implemented features related to course management, course listings, attendance tracking, and in-class activities. GitHub Repo

  • myEvent Manager

    I built this project for COS343: Advanced Databases. The project implements a mySQL database with a flask backend to create a way for users to collaborate on creating and running an event. It has ticket, attendance, invoices, tasks, and day-of-event tracking. In building this project, I heavily relied on a spreadsheet that I developed in putting concerts on at my church in the mid/late 2000s. Each concert became very cookie cutter in nature by implementing the spreadsheet that I created. I pulled from that workflow to create this project. The requirements for this project were mostly related to database functionality, which is why there maybe some quirky functions in the python. Most of that was due to the requirements of the class being database centric, rather that generating clean code. GitHub Repo

  • Tiny Hands Web Client

    This software project was nearing competition when I began working on it in a software engineering course during undergrad. I only worked on it for a semester, but during my time developing for the project, I worked to create Jasmine tests for the web client, which was implemented using Angular. GitHub Repo

  • Parallel Matrix Multiply

    I worked on this software project while taking a parallel and distributed algorithms course. I implemented mpich to perform a matrix multiplication across several distributed computers in the lab at Taylor. The goal of the project was to perform multiplication on two matrices that would be too large to fit into one machine's memory system. I created a python file to generate the matrices as files. After that, I read them in and forked out portions of the matrix to the different processors simultaneously. All the processes worked to compute the result. Then, I combined the data into an output file. GitHub Repo

  • Domain Specific Language

    I worked on this software project while taking a language structures course at Taylor. I implemented ANTLR to create a language for tracking basketball statistics. The goal of the project was to create shorthand that would be able to be typed into a terminal to keep track of game-critical basketball statistics. I designed the grammar for the language. With the assistance of ANTLR, I was able to use an IntelliJ plugin to test my grammar. ANTLR generated function stubs to perform the parsing, which is where I implemented the remainder of my code. Check out the documentation for the langauge available in BBallParser/Basketball/. GitHub Repo